Pardon My Pixel Mess

Here it is. The official website of voice artist Simon Fiasco.

That’s me, Simon Fiasco. And I promise not to speak in third person, save for on promotional pages. At least not much. After all, I’m neither Mr. T nor Macho Man Randy Savage (may he rest in peace – OOOOH YEAH!). I lack the sort of existential oomph, the universal presence necessary to be larger-than-life.

What is this site about? My head-first dive into the world of voice acting, of course! And when I say “head first,” I mean this is step one for me, rather than step five, step twelve, or step twenty three. Or rather, I’m taking a large number of the first steps in unison. The studio is just about done. Social media is in the works. Pieces are falling into place, and this site is just another one of those pieces, my little bit of internet real estate that works as a billboard, a business card, and a place to talk about my experiences as I march with bold abandon into what may turn into a life-changing experience.

The site is far from done, of course. I don’t have any demos uploaded yet. Those should be available soon. You might also see a bunch of boxes on the main page titled “Top Box” or “Bottom Box.” Plans exist for these, buried in the depths of my brain, and I will be renaming them accordingly.

What can you expect from me? The aforementioned demos, of course, along with regular posts to keep you apprised of what I am doing to move forward toward one day being a professional voice actor. Beyond that, I’d love to share my experiences – the good, bad, and ugly – with you. I’ll share news of any projects with which I become involved, along with links to any Soundcloud updates I make. Everything will be posted to both my Twitter account and Facebook page.

For now, please pardon my pixelated mess as I organize this site into something useful. Be sure to come back for updates, new demos, and some other fun stuff to come.

I, for one, am excited!